Ready for Leadership Camp?

PA Students Eligible
By Central Voice

“Our goal is to teach, empower, and to be pro-active,” says Sean Bugg, executive director, Next Generation Leadership Foundation.

1395616202791His organization is seeking 20-25 LGBT individuals 18 years old for The Next Generation Leadership Camp 2014. April 18 is the deadline to apply online. The camp is scheduled June 16-20.

The Next Generation Leadership Camp 2014 is a new program that brings recently graduated LGBT high school students to Washington, D.C., to meet with successful LGBT leaders in a variety of fields; develop important leadership skills; and build a network of young LGBT peers for support and mentoring as they progress through college and careers.

Over five days, participants will have the opportunity to ask direct questions to LGBT elected officials in Congress; learn about the opportunities for LGBT people in professional sports; meet trailblazing LGBT leaders in both business and activism; and work with their own peers to develop skills that will help them take on leadership roles themselves.

Who can participate?

Recent U.S. high school graduates are eligible to apply. Applications will be reviewed based on academic achievement, community involvement, and an essay or multi-media submission on how participating in the Leadership Camp will make a difference in their lives as LGBT community members and their career goals.

Why organize a new initiative?

“It doesn’t get better everywhere at the same pace,” Bugg points out. “We want young, potential leaders to see how all the pieces fit together and how they can be successful,” he says.

While growing societal acceptance of LGBT people has had a profound change on our culture, many young LGBT people across the country still struggle to find acceptance and support. “On top of that, stereotypes and assumptions about LGBT people cause many of these young people to limit themselves when it comes to choosing careers and leadership opportunities,” Bugg says.

Apply online: http:


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