Art Association Invitational Reception Dec. 6

Five diverse artists exhibit photographs, acrylic paintings, mixed-media works, and Robots at The Art Association of Harrisburg Nov. 29-Jan. 2. A reception for the exhibition is Fri., Dec. 6, 5-8 p.m.

AAH Board Member Anne Davis is Exhibition Sponsor with Davis and David Volkman serving as reception hosts. Young cellist Greg Flury will provide music for the reception, and a special jewelry trunk show by Susan Wayne Wohler will be presented in the Sales Gallery that evening.

Photographer C.R.Cain of Mechanicsburg was editor and publisher of a poetry magazine “Beauty for Ashes Poetry Review” from 1995-2000, an experience which helped to hone his ability to see his own photographic work with a critical eye. Cain enjoys travelling across the US, photographing many of the western National Parks. However, his photos included in the AAH exhibition were taken in a field of abandoned pianos. Cain had been at the site to document a community garden being created, and discovered trucks unloading ancient pianos in preparation to burning them. He spent hours that day crawling around the collection of piano history, and his photos are the results of his being there at precisely the right time. Cain said that the photos are also “the result of a piano man who surely must have loved his work, and I am hopeful he would have been moved to see his work continue on in these photographs.”

Judy Kelly
Judy Kelly, a.k.a. “Robot Girl,” began creating “robots” from vintage recycled materials only about a year ago, but has attained great success and recognition for her unique art-form, including a two-page article in “Harrisburg Magazine.”Each robot she creates has its own name and distinct personality, representing history by telling a story of the past. Words she uses to describe her robots are “quirky, whimsical, and humourous.” She hopes that the viewers find something in her robots that make them smile, laugh, and learn! She has exhibited these charming chaps throughout the region during 2012 and 2013.

Sandi Neiman Lovitz
Sandi Neiman Lovitz, of Philadelphia, says that even as a small girl she was captivated by colours and light, and she determined to create the beautiful colours herself. She avers, “My paintings are about colour, particularly the way colours interact with one another and change our perception of them. My current body of abstract paintings is a dance between painting and the molecular images drawn from the world of biochemistry, showcasing the basic geometric forms that are the underpinnings of life.” Lovitz works primarily in acrylics, but adds areas of spray paint, coloured pencil, flashe paint, and sometimes pastels. She finds that this blend creates a rich environment that consists of many layers that influence each other, “just as the decisions we make throughout our lives create the layers that make us who we are.” Lovitz’s work is exhibited in galleries from New York to Florida.

Jay Ressler
Jay Ressler says that “like a child stuffing fireflies in a jar, I make art to savour and imagine fragments of time.” He goes on to say that “frozen moments have a magical quality as the layers and complexities are revealed.” Ressler has found inspiration in the writings of Latin-American “magical realists” such as Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He calls his collection of photos for the AAH show “Magical Mystery Tour,” as it’s a selection of multi-layered photographs that aim, through their painterly character, to tell stories about “how we live in the so-called’post-industrial age.’”
He goes on to explain that his photographs don’t cast a nostalgic look to the past, but rather they visit places not widely seen, embracing the textured present as it is lived “with a hopeful eye to the future.” Ressler, largely self-taught, recently studied advanced digital photography at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. He has been taking photos since his early teens and has been actively exhibiting his work since 2006.

Fred Swarr
Fred Swarr’s goal is to portray, through his paintings, a visual image of the music that we hear and feel through our hearts and minds. A resident of Mt. Gretna, Swarr has been an active painter since 1969, with a Master’s in Art Education. He has worked on a variety of surfaces, including sheet-music backgrounds with a masterful use of colours, rich textures and unique subject matter. Swarr portrays a visual image of musical instruments, people playing instruments, musical celebrities, and colourful abstracts. Besides exhibiting his work in galleries, Swarr also paints “live” for nonprofit organizations as fundraisers.

AAH galleries, 21 North Front st., Harrisburg; 717-236-1432;


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