PA Sen. Toomey Votes in Favor of ENDA

By Central Voice

Pennsylvania US Senator Pat Toomey today joined several other Republicans and 54 Democrats to bring to the floor the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Senators voted 61-30 to “invoke cloture” on the controversial legislation. The vote sets into motion up to 30 hours of debate and amendments before a vote for final passage expected Wednesday.

Toomey ultimately decided to vote in favor of moving ENDA closer to a final vote. He has, as of this posting, declined to comment on his vote, indicating he would issue a statement later.

Equality PA said in an email that Toomey had heard from more than “4,000 individual Pennsylvanians, more than 300 small business owners, and faith leaders from around the commonwealth” and, by his vote, “stood on the right side of history and against workplace discrimination.”

Here in south central Pennsylvania local advocates Alex Reber and Marlene Kanuck joined by David Madsen and Nathan Groff, representing the Equality PA, met last Thursday with a Toomey staffer in the senator’s Harrisburg office.

Reber earlier today told Central Voice,”All in all it was a pretty positive experience.” Collectively, the group shared personal stories of why a Federal job protection is important.

If the Senate passes the controversial measure, as voted on today or as amended during the 30 hours of debate and possible amendment, the bill would next go to the US House of Representatives for their consideration.


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