Capital Region Stonewall Democrats Re-endorse Dan Miller

Updated 11:57 a.m.

“Active members voted and the end result was to re-endorse” Miller, Steve Dorko, president, of the Capital Region Stonewall Democrats tells Central Voice.

After a meeting to review the organization’s bylaws, CRSD voted to re-endorse Dan Miller for Harrisburg Mayor in the Nov. 5 General Election.

“We wanted to revisit the issue given the changing landscape of the election,” Dorko, said.

Dan Miller

In preparation for the May Primary Election, both Miller and Papenfuse completed endorsement surveys and interviews on their positions regarding LGBT equality.

Both candidates met the organization’s criteria for endorsement.


Then the group’s executive board, last April, recommended to its voting membership endorsement of either Eric Papenfuse or Dan Miller for mayor in the May Primary Election. Stonewall Democrats is a “membership” organization and as such members ultimately vote on endorsement decisions.

Both candidates were running as Democrats. Papenfuse requested the organization endorse both candidates in the primary. The members of the organization voted to endorse Miller in the primary. Dorko explain ed that members must be in “good standing” for 30 days before being allowed to vote.

Miller lost the Democratic nod to Papenfuse in the primary. In that same election, Miller cross-filed and won the Republican nomination but initially withdrew from and later re-entered the race, deciding to run as a Republican in August, a move that has kept him in the race against Papenfuse.

The re-endorsement, Dorko confirms, does not negate the endorsement of Papenfuse given by the organization last June after Miller had lost the primary to Papenfuse but had not yet decided to run as a Republican.

The organization’s executive board “recognizes the unique circumstances” of the mayoral race, Dorko says, where Democrat Dan Miller reversed his initial decision not to run as a Republican and announced his bid to re-enter the race on the Republican ballot in August.

The organization’s bylaws, Dorko says, allow the executive board to re-endorse a candidate for the General Election, in this instance Miller, who was endorsed in the Primary Election. “Active members voted and the end result was to re-endorse” Miller, Dorko said.

Capital Region Stonewall Democrats is a political action committee representing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and straight allies in Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, and surrounding communities.


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