PA’s Gov. Corbett Compares Gay Marriage to Incest

By Central Voice

Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Corbett today compared same-sex marriage to incest.

Corbett made the remark today (10/4/2013) on a morning news broadcast by WHP-TV anchor Sherry Christian.

During this morning’s interview, Corbett was asked what he thought about the argument made against a county clerk who had begun issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. At the time of that challenge, the Department of Health made the analogy that those couples were just like 12-year-old children in being ineligible for marriage.

Corbett told Christian that incest would be a better comparison.

CORBETT: It was an inappropriate analogy, you know. I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?

CHRISTIAN: I don’t know. I don’t know… Umm… Yeah, I’m going to leave the comments to you and your team, but you did say it was inappropriate and you have a better phrasing that you think.

Corbett also says he does not think a pending legal challenge to Pennsylvania’s ban on marriage belongs in federal court.

Corbett’s response follows yesterday’s introduction by State Reps. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) and Steve McCarter (D-Montgomery County) who introduced a bill that would extend marriage rights to same-sex couples in the state. State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery County,) has also introduced his own same-sex measure in the Pennsylvania Senate in May.

Ted Martin, executive director, Equality PA, said, “Gov. Corbett’s statements are shocking and hurtful to thousands of gay and lesbian couples who are doing the hard work of building strong families all across the Commonwealth.”

Martin said, “Corbett’s comments aren’t simply offensive; they’re out of touch.” He is referring to numerous polls indicating that the majority of Pennsylvanians support allowing same-sex couples to marry. Those polls also indicate high support for same-sex marriage among Republicans.

Martin invited Corbett “to participate in a conversation with same-sex couples to talk about why marriage matters to all Pennsylvania families.”


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