FAB Asks Community to Help Plan Event & Nominate Award Winners

The LGBT Community Center of Central PA is currently seeking nominations for the 2013 FAB Awards.

Fall Achievement Benefit (FAB) was created to honor people and organizations that have made important contributions to the economic, political, cultural, spiritual, and social progress of LGBT causes in our region.

Do you know someone or an organization that has made extraordinary contributions to the well-being of our community?

Nominations should include the name of the candidate and contact information for the candidate and the nominator, along with a short statement (300-500 words) describing the contributions the candidate has made to the community.

Submit nominations to nominations@centralpalgbtcenter.org by Friday, May 10th.

FAB 2013 will take place on Saturday, November 9 at Hilton Harrisburg.
The next FAB Community Planning Meeting is on Sunday, April 28 at 4:00 pm. There are countless ways to contribute to our annual gala, from serving as a table captain to reaching out to potential sponsors and advertisers to helping produce the evening’s program. FAB is a key source of funding for The LGBT Center, and community planning meetings are monthly on the fourth Sundays. Contact fab@centralpalgbtcenter.org if you intend to join or if you would like to hear more about helping with FAB 2013.


One Response to “FAB Asks Community to Help Plan Event & Nominate Award Winners”

  1. Jan Reynolds Says:

    I think it speaks well of Mayor Kim Bracey Bracey of York City to be the only one in York County to have equal rights including sexual preference to be included with everything in the city, no one can be shown discrimination. Yearly the Unity March is held against prejudice, and that does include those against those of the LBGT. For only being in two years now, I think this lady will be known to do well by us. Civil Unions are allowed in the city since last summer. I commend her on her overall job as mayor of the city, she deserves a hand of applause.

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