Dame Glenda Passes, Known throughout State for Her Benevolences

Word traveled quickly that Dame Glenda passed today (August 22) after a lengthy illness and courageous fight with diabetes. She had been in the hospital the last few days, a stay that ended with a fatal stroke.

Born April 6, 1957, Glen Wagner is known throughout the state for her many volunteer fundraising efforts for many good causes, including HIV prevention and treatment, Central PA Pride Festival, and children’s funds, among other endeavors.

Glenda was featured on the cover of the 2011 Pride Guide of the Central PA Pride Festival, along with other performers.

“She gave her all. She cared. She mentored and taught and brought out the best in us all,” said one of her charges who credited Glenda with providing guidance and confidence “when I had none in myself.”

“The legacy I inherited when volunteering to chair Pride was Glenda’s year-in, year-out commitment to raising funds for our annual event,” said Brad Martin, current chair, Central PA Pride Festival.

“No matter what, Glenda stood in the wings waiting to mount her shows, some years four shows, other years six shows, and on top of that also producing fund raisers for other worthy community causes,” Martin said. “Her example to us all is one of open arms, no judgments and a loyalty to always giving back,” he said.

Friends and others are hosting a memorial fundraiser Sun., Sept. 1, 9 p.m. at Liquid 891 called “It’s Time to Give Back to Her”. The community at-large is invited to attend and participate.


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