Local LGBT Chamber Honored by National Chamber

On August 8 in Chicago the Central Pennsylvania Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce was honored for excellence in communications at the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Certify Your Success National Business & Leadership Conference.

The national award for “The Power of Membership” video reflects an effort launched at the local chamber’s 2012 annual dinner held in January. The video currently resides on the organization’s web site. The national chamber recognized the Central Pennsylvania Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for developing an outstanding media campaign.

“This video showcases the value of partnering with the local lgbt chamber, the quality of our members and the talent of our allied member, Derek Lau of AideM Media, who produced this video for us,” said Debra McClain, the local chamber’s president and CEO.

“In addition to raising awareness of our diversified member base, the video validates the importance of belonging,” McClain said. The local chamber saw a surge in membership upon the video’s release and continues other collaborative efforts.

Sam McClure, of the national chamber, said, “Affiliate chambers like the south central Pennsylvania chamber are leveraging every possible opportunity for businesses to grow and become strong engines that will drive their local economies. These affiliate leaders are the backbone of the lgbt business movement.”

The local lgbt chamber serves a seven-county area in the region and currently has 179 members.


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