Obama Pride Effort Kicks Off

By Frank Pizzoli

Seventeen individuals kicked off the 2012 Obama Pride effort May 23 at the Harrisburg campaign headquarters, 10 S. 3rd St., 717-793-0120.

Lead in a discussion of upcoming activities by Obama campaign organizers Russell Cox and Jennifer Storipan, the group enthusiastically talked about the main ways members of the lgbt community can engage in the campaign:

* Assist with voter registration given the more stringent guidelines that take full effect for the November presidential election

* Help make calls from phone banks

* Attend gay events with campaign organizers and volunteers

* Volunteer in general for the many tasks that a presidential campaign involves.

In Lancaster, campaign organizer Sully Pinos can direct individuals to the same activities discussed tonight in Harrisburg.

“In the long run, we’re looking to create sustainable, democratic and inclusive communities around all our campaign activity,” explained Cox. “We want all segments of the community involved, not only the lgbt community, for the long haul,” said Storpian.

One volunteer referred to Central Voice as “the region’s lgbt newspaper that is read like the Bible” in reference to where to find current information on political and election activities and other current events relating the lgbt and broader community.


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