Gallop Poll on Gay Marriage; Comments from PA Stakeholders

With the news cycle spinning in every direction on gay marriage, Central Voice presents a Gallop Poll (May3-6, 2012) on the hot topic of the day.

Although the nation as a whole remains split on the touchy issue – with the number of those “against” loosing ground to a growing number who “support” gay marriage, there is clear demarcation when the issue is looked at by political affiliation.

Gallup Poll – Support for legal same sex marriage, by political subgroup:
% Should be legal vs. % Should not be legal
Democrats: 65% vs. 34%
Independents: 57% vs. 40%
Republicans: 22% vs. 74%

In Pennsylvania, Diane Gramley, American Family Association of Pennsylvania, said, “I know the homosexual activists had been put increasing pressure on him. There was a hastily arranged news conference. I thought he would fall in the ditch with the rest of them. He has been the most pro-homosexual president in history.”

Ted Martin, Equality Pennsylvania, said, “I think, quite frankly, the president has just come to the conclusion that millions of Americans have: This is the fair and right thing to do. I think we need to thank the president. He was thoughtful about this. He did this because he got to know people. He saw that people in same-sex committed relationships face the same joys and challenges as everyone else.”


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