Harrisburg’s John Campbell Named to The Advocate’s Forty Under 40 List

By Frank Pizzoli

Twenty-four-year-old John Campbell, Harrisburg’s elected City Treasurer, today was named to The Advocate’s list of Forty Under 40. He is executive director of the Historic Harrisburg Association and is an economics major at Lebanon Valley College.

The piece notes Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson and her alleged homophobic comments earlier in her tenure. Campbell told The Advocate: “The question isn’t the mayor’s opinion on gays,” Campbell says. “It’s whether she’s competent.”

Campbell tells Central Voice “It’s a honor to be selected as on of The Advocate’s Forty Under 40.” He hopes that this honor will serve “as an inspiration to young LGBT people. As a generation that will be greatly affected by the decisions made today, we must remember that change only happens when we act, take charge, and commit ourselves to prosperity.”

In 2008 (Sept-Oct 2008), Central Voice wrote of that: “No one who knows him will be surprised if John Campbell someday becomes the nation’s first openly gay president.” In seventh grade, he told his mother that he wanted to be president. While it’s not unusual for kids that age to have dreams of high-profile careers, it is unusual for them to grow up never wavering from their first aspiration. To characterize Campbell as unusual would be an understatement.

A second Pennsylvanian, Brian Sims, 33, was also named to the list. Today (April 24, 2012) he is running against incumbent Phila. State Rep. Babette Jones for a seat in the state House of Representatives and was not immediately available for comment.


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