Capital Region Stonewall Democrats Announce Endorsements

The Capital Region Stonewall Democrats have announced endorsement of the following candidates in the April 24 Primary Election.

For the US House of Representatives
Harry Perkinson, PA 4th District,
Gene Stilp, PA 11th District,
Jackson Eaton, PA 15th District,
Aryana Strader, PA 16th District,

For Statewide Offices
Patrick Murphy, PA Attorney General, Patrick Murphy for PA Attorney General
Eugene DePasquale, State Auditor General, Eugene DePasquale for Auditor General

For the PA Senate
Rob Teplitz, 15th District, RobTeplitz on Facebook

For PA State Representative
Kelly Jean McEntee, 105th District,
Chris Dietz, 104th District,
Patty Kim, 103rd District,
PA Representative Mike Sturla for Reelection, 96th District, Mike Sturla-PA House
PA Representative Eugene DePasquale for Reelection, 95th District,
Linda Small, 93rd District,
Charles R. Comrey, 92nd District
Sarah Speed, 47th District,
John Weigel, 43rd District,


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