New Center Focuses on Spirituality

A new center in central Pennsylvania will focus on spirituality rather than religion.

Founder and director the Rev. Dr. Terry Drew Karanen said the motto of the New Thought Center of Central Pennsylvania is “We make sense of life!” (sm). The center’s vision is to create a nurturing, safe space for growth and healing through personal empowerment.

The mission is to provide guidance, education and support through counseling and related services. Karanen is a counselor, clinical social worker and ordained minister who integrates spirit, mind and body in solving life’s challenges.

The center is located in Camp Hill above the Cornerstone Coffeehouse, 2133 Market St. and offers:

• Psychotherapy and counseling for individuals and couples
• Educational classes and individual mentoring on how to live life to the fullest
• Weekly meditation service
• Officiant services for weddings and other celebrations of life
• Massage therapy
• Private yoga instruction

Karenan holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and a Master of Social Work degree from Temple University. He is trained in the teachings of Religious Science, a philosophy and way of life called “New Thought” that is distinctly American in origin. The center has been created to provide a space for people of all faiths, religions and beliefs to learn more about the universal principles of the New Thought Movement.

Karenan has also been in practice as a massage therapist and reflexologist for more than 25 years, and the author of seven books. His ministry and counseling honors all religions and spiritual paths, as well as those whose belief system sides with science over theology.

“The center is unique in our area in its teaching, and provides a safe, diverse and welcoming atmosphere for people of all backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations and ages,” Karenan said in a news release.

A four-part class series, “Making Sense of Life”, will begin April 5. All other services may be arranged by appointment. Info: 717.645.8885, email


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