Donna Rose, Community Center Agree on Departure

Donna Rose

In a statement released earlier today by LGBT Community Center board president Elizabeth P. Mullaugh explains that the organization’s executive director, Donna Rose, and the center have agreed to an amicable termination of their relationship.

Mullaugh’s statement: Since joining the LGBT Community Center in November as our first executive director, Donna Rose has been a tireless advocate for the center and its constituents throughout central Pennsylvania. Because of her obvious passion, her excellent public-speaking skills, and her media-relations expertise, she has increased the visibility of the center, created a significant amount of good will in the community and inspired people to reach for their best authentic selves.

While Donna firmly shares the strategic goals of the Center and her work over the past several months has laid firm groundwork for building important alliances within and outside of the lgbt community, differences over how to meet those shared goals and other considerations have brought us to the conclusion that an amicable termination of our formal relationship is in everyone’s best interest. Donna’s last official day as the executive director at the Center will be Fri., March 18.

Donna has offered to help the center through this latest transition, and the board of directors is grateful for the service she that she has provided during her time here. We wish her all the best as she moves toward the next phase of her extraordinary journey.


3 Responses to “Donna Rose, Community Center Agree on Departure”

  1. Ron Varner Says:

    Lesbians always fight……that get drunk and make out…..either way ……….

  2. Cecilia Watkins Says:

    I’ll miss you Donna.
    I also need to say thank you and send Big Hugs!

    — Cecilia Watkins

  3. ER LeClaire Says:

    The LGBt has again misplaced a great resource, and most capable advocate. Although not knowing the specifics, in my own experience working as an advocate for the marginalized, disenfranchised, and the many flavors who are of diversity, I can only guess that it came down to a matter of equality. And like so many other areas of society, the LGBt community has its own sense of who is more equal than others. Donna Rose is an “on the table” fair dealing person, something very hard to find. I look forward to where she will be and the “much” that she will do!

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