UPDATE: Uganda & Criminalization of Homosexuality

UPDATE: Uganda & Criminalization of Homosexuality

FEBRUARY 17, 2011: As of today, Fundamentalist Pastor Lou Engle has agreed to meet with a group representing HRC and Soulforce at a date to be determined.

HRC and Soulforce look forward to meeting with Engle and directly communicating their concerns about his radical views, and urge him to immediately make statements on record, delivered on Ugandan soil, explicitly opposing both the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and any criminalization of homosexuality in any country.

In the meantime, Sunday’s scheduled vigil and delivery of petitions will go forward as planned in order to educate the public about the horrific situation in Uganda and the role American evangelicals have played in escalating it.

HRC & Soulforce to Pastor Lou Engle: Stop Exporting Hate to Uganda in the Name of Religion. Organizations to hold vigil and deliver 70,000 petition signatures to Rev. Engle calling on him to engage in dialog on anti-LGBT sentiment in Uganda.

HRC, in partnership with Soulforce, a civil rights organization seeking freedom from religious and political oppression of LGBTQQ people, will hold a vigil outside the International House of Prayer in Kansas City on Sunday, February 20, and ask fundamentalist pastor Lou Engle to abandon his hateful and dangerous anti-LGBT rhetoric and actions.

Prior to the brutal murder of Ugandan civil rights leader David Kato, Engle called LGBT people a threat to Uganda. Engle has publicly defended the Ugandan government’s efforts to pass the “Kill the Gays” bill, a measure that would have made homosexuality a capital crime.

Following Kato’s murder, HRC sent a nationwide action alert to its members and supporters asking them to sign a petition to three leading anti-LGBT ministers including Engle who have been exporting hate in the name of religion. The petition currently has nearly 70,000 signatures.

Members and supporters of Soulforce and HRC have asked for the opportunity to worship in Engle’s church, the International House of Prayer, on Sunday, February 20, and will be in respectful vigil outside the church throughout morning services. Following the vigil, Rev. Cindi Love and Moses Kushaba, a Ugandan who left his country in fear of his life because he is gay and sought political asylum in the United States, will present Engle with the petition signatures and speak to the press.


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