Are You Offended by Saturday Night Live?

If you’re a Saturday Night Live fan you may have seen a Jan. 29 sketch on making the transition from male to female and the use of hormones.

Equality Pennsylvania (EQPA) and GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) joined together “in condemning the dangerous and inflammatory anti-transgender segment on the January 29” a news release said.

“This segment ridiculed transgender individuals and degraded their lives and experiences. In an age in which hate crimes against lgbt individuals continue to occur and we have seen the suicide of numerous lgbt youth, this type of dehumanizing broadcast is unacceptable,” the release continued.

GLAAD’s Aaron McQuade told Central Voice “Every laugh in this segment comes from the appearance of one of the sketch’s transgender characters – except for the laughs that Keenan Thompson’s character gets for being intrigued by one of the characters. From subtle things (Hader’s way of crossing his legs and wearing earrings) to very unsubtle (Thompson’s reaction) the laughs for this sketch all come from the idea that both the existence and approval of transgender people is absurd. Transgender people face tremendous difficulties in this country, including hate violence, harassment and discrimination, and so-called “jokes” like this reinforce the stigmas that fuel those injustices. Comedy should be rooted in humor, not cheap stereotype.”

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3 Responses to “Are You Offended by Saturday Night Live?”

  1. Tom Says:

    I was a little taken back by it when I saw it. I’m not a transgengered person, but I thought that it was quite insensitive of them to do something lilke that. So yes, I was offended by it.

  2. Steven Funk Says:

    I didn’t find it particularly offensive. In fact, when I watched it I just thought of it as just another not particularly funny sketch and quickly forgot it. I didn’t give it a second thought until all of the controversy within the LGBT community erupted. I don’t think we do ourselves any favors as a community by being so quick to be outraged by every real or imagined offense. If we truly want equality then we can’t place ourselves in the privileged class of “Those at whom you shall not laugh”. Lighten up already.

  3. Spike Says:

    I was not offended by SNL’s skit on making the transition from male to female and the use of hormones. It was comedy sketch, nothing more. SNL and other shows have been doing skit’s against every known group that walks the face of the earth for years. It does not promote violence or degrade us because of these comedy sketches.
    I know several Trangendered people and we talked about the show, the ones that saw it laughed at it and were not offended. Other’s saw it on my Facebook page were I posted it and did not find it offensive.
    GLAAD and these other GLBT advocates should not get their pink panties in an uproar over a simple comedy act. If they really want to go after TV shows for protraying gay people in a negative way , The A-List is the first place to start. This show shows all gay men as limp wristed, swishy bitchy queens. Sorry the gay men that I know are men in jeans , t-shirts, boots , business suits and look like your average man. I overlook the A-List and move on, because I know that is not me and I could really care less, it’s a stupid show.
    A comedy act is a comedy act, and I have seen far worse that what SNL did and no one bated an eyelash at it or made a fuse over these skits. Even working in the gay night club business, I saw gay people [ drag queens, lesbians, transgender and comedians] trash GLBT’s through comedy acts and the whole place roared with laughter.
    Thank-you SNL for stepping outside the closet and giving us a little something to laugh at.
    It’s pretty sad when people get upset over a stupid comedy skit and just can not laugh a little and enjoy life.

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