3 Prides & Central Voice Meet in Harrisburg

3 Prides & Central Voice Meet

In an effort to compare notes and discuss ways to work together, representatives of three Pride organizations from around the region and Central Voice met March 27 in the Giant Center community room, Linglestown Road. Represented at the meeting were Lancaster Pride, Reading Pride, Central PA Pride Festival, and Central Voice.

“We’ve met before and wanted to continue our communication,” says Mark Smith, who has successfully chaired a parade for the Central PA Pride Festival for the last four years.

All present agreed each venue would maintain its own separate identity. “Each event has its own history but there are ways we can work together to share costs, reduce costs. We’re all 100% volunteer organizations but with that comes a responsibility to act in a businesslike manner nonetheless. These events are more than ‘Gee kids, let’s put on a show,’” explained Donald Anklam, who has chaired the main event for Central PA Pride Festival.

“This is wonderful. We need to keep meeting,” said Richard Spangler, Reading Pride.

Lancaster Pride is June 19. Reading Pride is held July 18. Central PA Pride Festival is July 23-25.


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