Deborah Cox Ready for Black & White Party May 7

“My joy in life is performing,” Deborah Cox tells Central Voice as she sets her sights on May 7 when the Platinum crooner performs at The Black and White Party at Club XS, York, PA.

This year’s theme is “Alice in Boogie Wonderland” which sets the pace for the event’s talked-about inside and outside entertainment settings.

All funds raised by the Party support HIV/AIDS programs in the region through York’s Family First and The AIDS Fund of South Central Pennsylvania, which funds programs throughout the entire region.

To date, the event has raised $52,000 to support local programs. The AIDS Fund is also affiliated with the National AIDS Fund (NAF) which provides matching dollars to the funds raised locally. The AIDS Fund is the only such endeavor in Pennsylvania with a “matching funds” relationship with NAF.

“Cox is the highest level of entertainment ever offered by Club XS. We’re glad that the event brings her here to help us raise money to fight HIV/AIDS,” says benefit lead organizer Charles Oswald. Cox’s appearance is expected to draw people from Maryland, Delaware, and far outside the south central Pennsylvania region.

“When you purchase a ticket or make a donation, you dollar goes a long way with our fundraiser,” Oswald says. The event draws in dozens of volunteers each year to staff the indoor and outdoor entertainment as people assemble to fight HIV.

“It breaks my heart,” Cox says about HIV. “I’ve lost friends to this disease and the day scientists announce a cure I’m determined to be part of the announcement.”

That determination harkens back to Cox’s childhood days and her mother’s influence on her life now.

“My mom was a calm lady with routines and that’s rubbed off on me. And so has having children,” she shares. Cox’s three daughters are 6, 3, and 1. Her youngest child sometimes travels with her. Between her mom’s influence and her artistic career Cox says “I’m a low maintenance person. I’m not a diva, not fussy.”

“I have great people around me who get it done,” Cox says.”

Getting it done for Cox means she samples a full palette of musical tastes. Her “Destination Moon” album is a tribute to Dinah Washington, who like Cox, delved into blues, jazz, big band, and pop ballads. That partly my mom’s influence there too Cox says. Her mom listened to 60s soul, Washington, Bob Marley, Lou Rawls.

Getting it done also means she makes time for herself.

Cox jumps rope on the road and does cardio exercises three times a week when time permits. “Don’t overdue it,” she warns, advising loving fans to find a routine that makes sense for them. Her routine includes soy and lots of vegetables. She knows what she’s talking about at 5” 6’, 120 lbs. – her high school size. Not perfect, her one weakness is Twizzlers.

“Let’s get the job done with The Black and White Party,” Cox says enthusiastically.

“Our board of directors and volunteers are pumped!” exclaims Oswald, originator of what has been called “the best party you’ll ever attend”. Man Behind the Curtain Productions is helping The Black and White Party, Inc to produce the entertainment this year.

“Chris Quigley, who directs the inside entertainment, and Chad-Alan Carr who will direct the outside entertainment, are ready to wow the pants off of you!” Oswald says. Past performers have included RuPaul, CeeCee Peniston, and Sarah Bernhardt.

Tickets online: or call 717-846-6969.


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