Community Center and Lancaster Pride Announce Partnership

Submitted by LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central PA

After several weeks of thoughtful discussion and conversation, the LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central PA and Lancaster Pride are pleased to announce the formation of a unique partnership between their two organizations.

Formally known as a fiscal sponsorship agreement, the partnership creates an arrangement between the Center and Lancaster Pride akin to the project agreements used by a number of community foundations. Basically, the center will manage much of the administrative duties of Lancaster Pride and in exchange receive a fee based on a percentage from their project revenues. Lancaster Pride will now have the ability to operate under the center’s non-profit status and market itself as a “Project of the LGBT Community Center.”

“We reached out to the center to discuss ways we could work together,” says Lancaster Pride co-chair, Chris Baldwin, “and they were really open to hearing our ideas and looking for a solution that would help us both. The conversations that followed were easy and thorough and we talked about everything. It was the kind of open conversations that partners have, and I’m really pleased with the outcome. I honestly think that it will make the lives of both groups better.”

Center board president Ted Martin expanded on Baldwin’s sentiments. “The center is always looking for the best ways to support the community. That is our purpose and all our efforts are aimed at making this one goal tangible. This partnership with Lancaster Pride is a proud moment and it makes our mission of finding common ground for the region’s lgbt community just a little more real. Plus, we are helping a great organization like Lancaster Pride grow and that’s a tremendously positive feeling.”

Under the agreement, Lancaster Pride will maintain all of its officers and volunteer leadership and keep full control of the event and organization. “That’s one of the key elements of the agreement” says Martin. “On a working level, the only major changes will be how Pride’s banking is done and that they can now function as a non-profit organization. We really worked hard to find a way for Pride to maintain its identity, leadership, and place in the community while giving the center the ability to maintain its operational standing.”

“In everything that we talked about, it seemed that the center was always interested in supporting the work that Pride was already doing. They said this repeatedly and stuck by their word,” agreed Lancaster Pride co-chairs Chris Baldwin and Mark Stoner. “That was an important factor in making this agreement happen.”

The missions of both Lancaster PRIDE and the LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central PA, while different in phrasing, both involve the betterment of the lives of the many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender citizens of central Pennsylvania.

For more information on Lancaster PRIDE, go to or call (717) 669-2558.

For more information on The LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central PA, go to or call (717) 920-9534.


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