Report LGBT Health Disparities

An Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee is preparing the federal government’s first report on lgbt health and health disparities.

The report will assess current scientific knowledge regarding the health of lgbt people, identify research gaps and opportunities related to lgbt health, and outline a research agenda that will assist the government in enhancing its research efforts in this area.

Public comments are being taken until Feb. 1.

The National Coalition for LGBT Health encourages you to make your voice heard by commenting on issues that the panel should take into consideration when preparing the report. Issues that we encourage comments on include:

Gaps in current knowledge regarding lgbt health status, health risks, health disparities, and whether LGBT people have access to high-quality health care that takes all aspects of their lives into account.

The importance of family and social acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity differences on the mental health and personal safety of lgbt people.

The need for research at the intersections of disparity factors such as race, ethnicity, age, geography, sexual orientation and gender identity to determine how overlapping disparities effect the health of lgbt people.

The effects of social determinants and cultural factors, including stigma, discrimination, and violence, on the physical and mental health of lgbt people.

The importance of counting the lgbt community by including questions about gender identity and sexual orientation on federal and state health surveys.

While data-based comments are helpful, we also suggest providing qualitative, “real life” feedback that vividly illustrates the impact of lgbt health disparities on members of our community.

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