Central Voice Day 2 Coverage of Marriage Case

Central Voice Prop. 8 Coverage of Day 2
Central Voice San Francisco correspondent Michael Petrelis offers some observations about the second day of the historic same-sex marriage court case now underway.

From Petrelis’ blog: I did make down to the federal courthouse for the late afternoon pressers, and snapped lots of pics. Caught the last ten minutes of today’s court hearing, chatted with the other writers, before each side spoke to the press.

Something struck me with awe at our opponent’s presser, and I must correct a belief I expressed yesterday. I said I believed homosexuality was on trial, not same-sex marriage, in and of itself, and that was how I felt after our lawyers, Ted Olson and David Boies, questioned our heroic plaintiffs. I was wrong.

Now, after listening to one of the lead opposing lawyers, the ProtectMarriage.com counselor Andrew Pugno, proclaim the alleged disaster of our side’s expert witnesses today, I see homophobia on trial. The irrationality of Pugno’s remarks at the presser rang loud and queer in my ears.

Whether it’s Charles Cooper or Pugno explaining their legal strategy and arguments, they transport me back a century or two.

See a summary of the questioning from day 2 of the trail –


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