Same-sex Marriage Remains Issue Nationwide

Same-sex Marriage Remains Issue Nationwide

Same-sex marriage remains an issue nationwide in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, DC, New Hampshire, and Iowa.

In Pennsylvania’s state capital, Harrisburg, Freedom to Marry Week kicks off Jan. 30 with a panel discussion at the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit. Various events run through Feb. 16. See page 1 of Central Voice’s current issue for details.

Today, the New Jersey state senate voted 14-20 against a bill that would have allowed gays and lesbians to marry in the Garden State.

Disappointed sponsor State Sen. Loretta Weinberg [D-Teaneck] evoked her late-husband of nearly 40 years as she urged her fellow lawmakers to support the bill. “Men and women don’t have a monopoly on loving relationships,” she said.

Another proponent of the measure, State Sen. Brian Baroni [R-Hamilton] maintained the Garden State’s civil unions law continues to relegate gays and lesbians to second class status. “Separate but equal was wrong in 1954, it is wrong today,” Baroni said. “Separate but equal can certainly be separate, but it can never be equal; and unequal treatment by government is always, always wrong.”

Senate President Dick Codey [D-Edison] further evoked the civil rights movement of the 1960s in his support of the bill. State Sen. Nia Gill [D-Montclair] highlighted Loving vs. Virginia as she testified passionately for the measure, but state Sen. Gerald Cardinale [R-Demarest] maintained lawmakers should remedy the many problems he contend remain with New Jersey’s civil unions law; and not pass a marriage bill.

“I heard nothing that cannot be fixed about the problems that were presented to us by folks who are in civil unions relationships,” Cardinale said. “There are many problems, but for those many problems there are a solution if we put our minds to it; there are many solutions without putting violence against marriage.”

State sen. Barbara Buono [D-Metuchen] disagreed. “We have an opportunity today to correct an injustice,” she said.

Today’s vote comes less than a week after same-sex couples began to marry in New Hampshire and a month after lawmakers in the District of Columbia backed a bill to allow marriage in the nation’s capital. New Jersey activists scored a legislative victory of sorts with the vote itself, but it represents the latest setback in the push to secure marriage for gays and lesbians around the country.

Today, in Iowa activists from “One Iowa” began airing a commercial (Watch under Video Tab) hoping to protect their victory of nine months ago when that state’s supreme court unanimously voted in favor of equal marriage rights.


One Response to “Same-sex Marriage Remains Issue Nationwide”

  1. Michael Ejercito Says:

    Our society, as well as the federal judiciary, is much more tolerant of
    separate but equal on the basis of gender than on the basis of race.

    Many people feel that same-sex couples are inherently different from opposite-sex couples due to inherent differences in gender and that justifies separate institutions, even if the institutions are equal-in-all-but-name.

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