Key West Masquerade Ball – PHOTOS

Central Voice Key West correspondent Chris Tittel photographed the Annual Masquerade March held late in October.


One Response to “Key West Masquerade Ball – PHOTOS”

  1. Chris in Key West Says:

    Howdy from Key West!

    A few interesting tidbits about the photos follow.
    For those of you who haven’t experienced Fantasy Fest, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s a 10-day celebration packed with private and public parties at venues all over the island, a cross between Halloween and Mardi Gras.
    This year’s theme — Villians, Vixens & Vampires — was the inspiration for many of the costumes and floats that locals and tourists designed for the Masquerade March on Friday and the Duval Promenade and Grand Parade on Saturday.
    Next year’s theme? Habitat for Insanity!
    If you want to head on down for Fantasy Fest next year, be sure to book reservations now…hotels and guesthouses are already taking reservations. Hope to see you down on Bone Island for all the Fantasy Fest madness!


    1. Some of the “costumes” you see here are actually not costumes at all, but body paint! Artists here do an amazing job designing leopards, flamingos, shirts, vests and all sorts of other things on the naked tops of women and men alike. Believe it or not, it’s perfectly legal to walk around the streets of Key West during Fantasy Fest wearing only your best Sherwin Williams.
    2. The man standing in the street with the rooster on the end of the pole and a giant Christmas ornament hanging off the side explained: “This is my big c**k with my one blue ball.” Some of these Fantasy Fest characters can be quite clever…
    3. The folks with the messed up ties and hair and umbrellas turned inside out? I thought they were in a hurricane. Au contraire: “We’re one big bl**job.” Outstanding…
    4. The beautiful woman in the black and purple gown is none other than Henry, a old friend of mine who decided to go all-out this year. Gorgeous!
    5. In honor of the late Michael Jackson, the soundtrack to “Thriller” accompanied many of the floats. There’s a photo of a group of zombies doing the moonwalk at the corner of Fleming and Simonton streets. Scary good!
    6. And last but certainly not least: The man in the halter dress and turban with the cat and the American flag is none other than…my doctor.

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