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Community Center Book Club Grows

October 18, 2009

The Harrisburg Book Club sponsored by The LGBT Community Center tripled in size at its second gathering Oct. 18 at Harrisburg’s Midtown Scholar Bookstore, across from Broad Street Market. The book club is one of three – Harrisburg, York, Lititz – sponsored by the center.


Book Club

Region Marches on Washington

October 12, 2009

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“I’m tired carrying signs,” read a hand-made sign hoisted by a 30-something gay man from the Midwest. Palpable frustration filled the air as what gay and mainstream media outlets across the nation described as “tens of thousands” lgbt individuals and their allies converged on Washington, DC Oct. 11. They marched down Pennsylvania Ave. past the White House to the nation’s capital.

The LGBT Community Center organized more than 100 people who rode busses to the event. The center group was joined by a bus from Reading, PA, who worked together with the center to organize in their region. “This just demonstrates what central Pennsylvania is capable of when we all work together,” says Sean Maloney, interim program director.

In a related matter, a pink/black/glitter spray painted message on HRC headquarters on DC’s Rhode Island Ave. – “Quit Leaving Queers Out” – criticized the nation’s largest lgbt lobby as non-democratic and non-inclusive. The “act of glamdalism” was unclaimed as of press time. President Obama spoke to 3,000 people assembled for the HRC’s annual dinner. The president specifically condemned what he called lies and divisiveness used by gay opponents. He cited messages used in anti-marriage equality ads across the country. Obama referred to the “pink elephant” of religion based bigotry which he said is the major obstacle to achieving full civil equality.

Preceeding the national march, HIV activists held an HIV Rally Oct. 10 that drew Broadway talent and people affected by HIV from across the country. The Black & White Party, organized by Club XS, and Positive Opportunities attended.

Harrisburg Mayoral Candidates Address Community

October 9, 2009

About 70 people filled the Central Allison Hill Community Center to hear Harrisburg Mayoral candidates Nevin Mindlin (Republican) and Linda Thompson (Democrat) on how they would handle the many problems faced by the capital city.

The discussion was sponsored by the Greater Harrisburg NAACP and hosted by the well-known Stanley Lawson.