Oct. 11 DC Bus Trip Update

Oct. 11 DC Bus Trip Update

Text: The National Equality March, Oct. 11, is just around the corner and plans to
organize a bus trip to attend the march in Washington D.C. are well on
their way. There are two buses leaving from Central Pennsylvania which are
almost full. There are still a few seats left so if you want to guarantee
your spot on the trip please contact Sean Maloney, Interim Program Director
at the LGBT Community Center, as soon as possible. Seats are $25 and checks
should be made payable to the LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central
Pennsylvania. Payment can be mailed to 221 N. Front St, Harrisburg, PA
17101. More information about trip can be found at
http://www.centralpalgbtcenter.org, by emailing smaloney@centralpalgbtcenter.org
or by calling (717) 920-9534.

If you would like to help make posters or banners for the march please feel
free to contact the center as well. Marchers are encouraged to make signs
to carry that raise awareness about the fight for equality of all LGBT
people. One of the buses is ADA compliant and people of all abilities are
encouraged to attend.

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