Alternative Night at Excitement Video & Toys June 18

After a crowded first event with 65 people, Excitement Video & Toys holds a second “Alternative Night” June 18, 6-9 p.m. at their retail establishment at 3910 Jonestown Road, Harrisburg. (See photos on

“Everyone is welcome. We’re here to serve the alternative community,” says Harrisburg manager Keith Sattizahn. The adult store is again offering free refreshments, exotic beverages, and snacks.

“We’re offering 10% off everything in the store,” says Kim Faubel, Excitement Video & Toys regional manager. There’s also Free Raffles for a chance at the Prize Wheel. Winners receive EV & T cash to spend that night on toys and other items.

“We want the community to know they’re welcome here and from the last attendance, looks like word is out,” Faubel says. “We’re a welcoming atmosphere where you can feel comfortable shopping and asking questions.”

The adult entertainment outlet offers DVD titles, toys, and quality lotions, liquids, and playful items, in association with Adult Video News. “We’re a glbt-friendly place,” Sattizahn says of the well lit, clean, and personable retail outlet.



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