Club XS Offers Paid Contracts for Drag Performers

Deadline May 2


OK Girls. You all need to switch out that high hair for something that will fit in a race car because Club XS is at it again with “Drag Race to Stardom.”


During two special shows May 8 and June 12, three contestants will be selected by the audience to join Amethyst Diamond and Miss Club XS as part of the ALL NEW Club XS Drag Company. Each member of the company will receive a one year paid contract from Man Behind the Curtain Productions.


“Drag Race to Stardom is unlike any other contest we’ve seen in central Pennsylvania because it is strictly about entertaining the crowd,” says impresario and club manager Charles Oswald. Each contestant will be required to perform one comedy number and one number of her choice. With few other restrictions, the contestants can be divas, beauty queens or campy crazies.


“There’s even an opening in the cast for an emcee that could be filled by a man wearing boy clothes,” Oswald says, adding “the judges will be the toughest our contestants have ever experienced – the audience. Quite simply, the most entertaining contestants will be the winners. The focus of our efforts is not on tiaras and crowns, but instead on the highest level of entertainment.”


Club XS is applying its many resources to the success of this new show – from the theater worthy stage to the technical know-how of its staff and professional production values, the Club XS Drag Company will be able to pull out all the stops for the audience each and every show. After two months of preparations and rehearsals the Club XS Drag Company and Man Behind the Curtain Productions will premier the new show, The Society of Ladies Review – Trannies, Tramps and Trollops on August 14.


If you think you have what it takes to join the cast, whether as the emcee or a performer, more details and applications are available in person at Club XS or online at The deadline to submit an application is May 2.


If you think you’re more comfortable in the pit crew, then you’ll want to get to the show early enough to get good seats at one of our cabaret tables so you can judge the best entertainer for yourself.


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