Silent Witness Volunteers Honored

The ubiquitous Silent Witness Volunteers Alanna Berger and Blaise Liffick have been selected as one of several recipients of Millersville University’s Walker Center Distinguished Civic Leadership Award. Berger and Lifflick are husband and wife.


The award will be presented on April 16, the university’s Lehr Ballroom of the Bolger Conference Center in Gordinier Hall.


Berger and Lifflick, and dozens of other volunteers, have been fixtures at the region’s Central PA Pride Festival and other lgbt events that may or have drawn protestors. The group uses rainbow umbrellas to shield lgbt people and their supporters from the shouts, taunts, and up-close-and-personal expressions of the protestors’ free speech.


The awards recognize individuals or organizations making notable civic and community contributions of local, regional, national or international impact, and who are catalysts for civic engagement on the part of others. The award evening includes a reception and dinner in honor of the awardees followed by keynote speaker Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Homemade, Inc., who will speak on the topic of “An Evening of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Social Responsibility, and Radical Business Philosophy (and free ice cream)”.


The Robert and Sue Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership is part of the Civic and Community Engagement and Research Project (CCERP) at Millersville University.  CCERP approaches community engagement by enlisting meaningful participation across the political spectrum to form consensuses about the identification of, if not always the solutions to, important educational, social and economic problems.



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