Pride Festival Releases 2008 Financial Statement

REPORT BELOW – “The Pride Festival of Central PA Committee is making plans for the next several years which will mark milestones in glbt history,” said Jeff Clouser, festival president, upon release today of a financial statement of activity for the 2008 event.


The benchmark events Clouser and the committee occur over the next three years.


2009 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, the event which started the modern day gay rights movement and the tradition of Pride Festivals. 2010 marks the 5th Anniversary of the PrideFest Unity Parade and 2011 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Pride Festival in the mid-state, currently known as the Pride Festival of Central PA.


“We’re excited about the plans for the 2009 festival. This year’s theme is “Your Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights,” Clouser says. The Stonewall Veterans will lead off the expanded PrideFest Unity Parade route and our headliner at the Mainstage is Tiffany.  New to the festival this year is a Second Stage featuring Janice Robinson, a Dance Tent area, and a Family Zone area.


“As you can see from our 2008 Statement of Activity, we have been able to start this year on a positive note due to the frugal planning of the pride festival board during this difficult economic time. However, as we continue to grow the festival so does the cost and expense of providing additional programming grow,” Clouser explains.


Please consider a contribution to the Pride Festival of Central PA by mailing your donation to PO Box 12083, Harrisburg, PA 17108-2083 or by visiting the website at and clicking on the donation button.


If individuals or organizations are interested in volunteering at this year’s event please e-mail or call 717-801-1830. “Thank you for the continued support of our community,” Clouser says. The financial report was prepared by the festival’s fiscal sponsor The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. Information on the report is available from Ellen Kyzer,, 717-236-5040.


Pride Festival of Central Pennsylvania

Statement of Activities

January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008





Current Year Contributions:                                                                    $78,661



Less Current Year Expenses:


                        Advertising                                 2,831

                        Awards                                          111

                        Direct Event Costs                     15,722 

                        Dues                                             373

                        Entertainment                               6,275

                        Grants                                          2,500

                        Insurance                                     1,238

                        Licenses and Fees                         370

                        Postage                                          213

                        Printing                                        1,532

                        Security                                        6,726

                        Storage                                        1,535

                        Supplies                                      2,759

                        Telephone                                       74

                        TFEC Administrative Fee              1,250

                        Travel                                          1,407

                        Website                                          890


Total Current Year Expenses:                                                                $45,856



Net Profit (Loss)                                                                                                $32,805





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